Four Mandatory Stops for Arts and Crafts in Staunton

Staunton is a hub of creative activity with a variety of media and arts unveiled daily. Our hardworking artisans are nose-to-the-grind as they amass beautiful handmade wares for the home, to be gifted, worn, and treasured. Nearly every downtown block hosts a passionate creator. Take the time to see their work, see them at work, and possibly fall in love with something their hands have made with these four mandatory stops for arts and crafts in Staunton.

Artful Gifts | 6 Byers Street

Fiber artists Lisa Jacenich creates hand-felted wool and silk clothing, and re-purposes old wool sweaters to create scarves and mittens. Her clothing includes the usual suspects as well as some surprising pieces, like a little black dress!

Lisa’s husband Jim is her detail-oriented accessory partner. His specialty is kumihimo, or, Japanese braiding, which he applies to belt and jewelry making. The Jaceniches consider their work to be wearable art. From simply embellishing existing clothing to creating their own clothes, accessories, and jewelry, one can complete an entire outfit at Artful Gifts.

If you care to learn how to create the types of items the Jaceniches create, you’re in luck. Workshops are available!

Appalachian Piecework | 38 Middlebrook Avenue

Laurie Gundersen is a “utilitarian folk artist” and the driving force behind Appalachian Piecework. Her talents include basket weaving, fabric dying, quilting, and spinning. From her 18th century barn loom she crafts handwoven market bags. From locally-harvested trees she weaves a variety of baskets. Not even the bark is wasted.

Appalachian Piecework also offers handcrafted products by like-minded artisans. Stop by to shop Thursday through Saturday from 11 to 6. Restoration requests and custom orders are welcome.

Sunspots Studios & Glassblowing | 202 S. Lewis Street

A hub of hot air and gorgeous glass gifts, Sunspots Studios & Glassblowing is owned by Doug and Caroline Sheridan. Doug was a metal artist who picked up glass artistry rather accidentally, but who has created one of Staunton’s most interesting tourist attractions.

Open every day of the week, would-be artisans can blow their own glass ornaments or just sit back and watch the Sunspots staff create beautiful pieces. Sunspots hosts the Virginia Hot Glass Festival each May, an occasion that includes additional artisans demonstrating their talents as well. In fact, a fire-breathing dragon is a regular attendee to the festival. During the Queen City Mischief & Magic event in September, Sunspots’ staff created glass wizard wands. Truly, there may not be anything they can’t make.

Stop in to Sunspots Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6 or Sunday from 11:30 to 5 to shop the gallery of 15+ artisans’ goods, catch a demonstration, or blow your own glass ornament.

Rachel’s Quilt Patch | 40 Middlebrook Avenue

Rachel’s Quilt Patch is a fabric shop named for owner Rachel Brown. Both she and her daughter Kay Shirey are avid quilters and work the shop together. At Rachel’s Quilt Patch beginning quilters are introduced to fabric options, stitching, and more.

Classes, workshops, clubs, and even “sew-in’s” are all options at Rachel’s Quilt Patch. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 5, or by appointment Thursday evenings.