Four Unique Staunton Stays


Break away from the traditional lodging molds of hotels and B&Bs (not that we don’t ADORE ours, of course), and try these fun, surprising, quirky Staunton stays instead.

Staunton is home to the American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse. Such an attraction requires occasional plays on words, don’t you think? Enter “The Bard’s Nest,” an accommodation within walking distance of the Playhouse. If you didn’t know, William Shakespeare was known as “The Bard,” a professional story-teller. Welcome to what he might have enjoyed, were he a 21st century fellow.

The Bard’s Nest is a very cozy, comfortable arrangement for a solo traveler or a couple. Guests should not smoke, bring children or pets, or anticipate wheelchair access, as “the nest” is on the second floor. Natural light and vaulted ceilings make the space quite inviting. Equipped with a refrigerator, stove, and additional comforts of home, you may want to extend your stay.

The Bard’s Nest

The Storefront was literally a store front, and it’s also your next favorite Staunton stay. Affectionately called “a very small hotel,” The Storefront accommodation begins at street level where you’re likely surprised to find a bar right inside the front door. Yes, BYOB and make yourself at home! Climb the stairs to the second floor where a full kitchen and “the most comfortable queen-size bed in town” awaits.

Above Aioli, the best Mediterranean restaurant in Staunton, is Bella Inn, two studio suites with an abundance of natural light flooding in. Suite One features a king bed, full kitchen, spiral staircase to a loft with a daybed and washer and dryer, and comfortable appointments. Suite Two also boasts a king bed and full kitchen, but trades the loft for a private patio with skyline views. You’ll want to think a while before making your suite choice at Bella Inn.

The Villages Penthouse is a vast industrial accommodation with comfortable touches; a fashionable blend of textures. Wide open space divided only by black steel beams and a curtain for bedroom privacy lets light flood the main living areas. Lots of people can rest here and enjoy the rooftop patio views. It’s an amazing place to grill a fresh steak or burgers!

The Lofts at the Villages

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