Heifetz: A Daily Celebration of Music in Staunton

Heifetz International Music Institute
Heifetz International Music Institute

Summer in Staunton is exciting for many reasons, but one is the music of Heifetz Institute’s Summer Festival. Daily celebrations of noon performances and evening concerts make Staunton a vibrant cultural destination. Plan a date night around something beautiful or enjoy happy hour entertainment before a great dinner nearby. CALENDAR


Heifetz Hootenanny is a Saturday night open air concert filled with lively, down-home sounds. Expect to hear roots, Celtic, jazz, folk, and probably a few other genres at this fun jam session. Local musicians join the Heifetz students in this event. General admission is only $10 or $15 for two!

HeifetzPEG, a class of young, exceptionally gifted string musicians between the ages of 8 and 13 will present their own “graduation recital” on July 28th and 29th at 2 p.m. It’s an exciting celebration all its own for these young musicians.

Mondays on Market, a fun lunchtime concert series, takes place at two iconic spots located just a block away from each other on Market street. Alternating between the historic Temple House of Israel and Blackfriars Playhouse, this concert series is free and features performances and informal conversations with the Heifetz students. 

Salute all the fun with a taste of a special collaboration craft beer! Heifetz International Music, Shenandoah Hops, and Three Notch’d Brewery came together to produce Heifetz-Weizen. You can find it at Shenandoah Hops while you’re in town.



The Heifetz Institute’s Summer Program is an intensive, honorable opportunity for outstanding string musicians between the ages of 13 and 25 to receive instruction from the world’s best music faculty and performers. Two hours of one-on-on instruction is provided to each student each week, as well as multiple performance opportunities and various training and coaching sessions.