An Insider’s Guide to Queen City Mischief & Magic 2017


queen city Mischief & Magic

september 22-24

Wizards and muggles from near and far descend upon Staunton, Virginia for the annual Queen City Mischief & Magic (formerly Potter Party.) With a touch of wizardry, the historic downtown is transformed into the village of Hogsmeade. Local businesses reinvent themselves offering Harry Potter themed shopping, dining and hands-on activities for all ages. Potter fans unlock the secrets of Hogsmeade using Marauder’s Map or explore the walkable downtown and take on the task of Horcrux Hunting using the free app Traipse— which will help you find them all. For Harry Potter fans this entertaining and family-friendly festival is not to be missed!

Visitors are greeted by Norberta the Dragon—where selfies and costumes are encouraged—Take a selfie with her! Other photo opportunities include:

  • Platform 9 3/4 awaits your arrival at Rachel’s Quilt Patch.
  • Become a Mandrake at Honey Dukes (Paris Cake Company)
  • Be cautious​ of the Goblins at Gringotts Wizards Bank (Suntrust)
  • Flying Cornish Pixies in Florish and Blotts (Black Swan Books)
  • A Life Size Prisoner of Azaban Wanted Poster
  • Daily Prophet Frontpage

hogsmeade businesses

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

Use colorful potions to dissolve a magic fizzing treasure rock and find the key to your patronus’s true identity. This is but one of the enchanted activities you will find upon visiting Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (Pufferbellies Toys & Books) located at 15 West Johnson Street.

The Three Broomsticks

Quench your thirst with some butterbeer. On tap—all weekend— at The Three Broomsticks (Baja Bean Co.) located at 9 West Beverley Street. Available for grab and go or dine in and served in 2017 Queen City Mischief & Magic souvenir cups; while supplies last. 

Hagrid’s Hut

Do you hear the calling of the Runes? If so, you need to confer with Bathsheda, Professor of Study of Ancient Runes, at Hagrid’s Hut (Artful Gifts LLC)—located at 6 Byers Street. Professor Bathsheda will be available for consult during the Queen City Potter Party as well as by appointment throughout the year.


Searching for a Confectionery Charm? Then Honeydukes is the place to go! Paris Cake Company located at 310 Kalorama Street will transfigure itself into Honeydukes, the legendary wizarding sweet shop, offering Mandrake Cupcakes, Butterbeer Cupcakes, Cauldron Cakes, Golden Snitch treats, a multitude of Enchanted Cookies, Bertie Botts Cupcakes, Chocolate Frogs and many more sweet delights.

The list of activities and businesses continues to grow. Get your daily update at Queen City Mischief & Magic website.

Schedule (still TBA)


Here is just a sampling of what will be an amazing weekend of Harry Potter fun:

When you arrive on Saturday visit Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagoll as they will be signing “Acceptance Letters” for all incoming students and Dumbledore shall have “Graduation Certificates” for the Alumni.

Sorting Ceremonies will take place at various locations throughout the day.

Visit with strolling characters like our very own Professor Rubeus Hagrid. Equipped with his enchanted umbrella, he will be walking about meeting with Students, Parents and Alumi throughout the entire weekend.

The magic continues after the sun sets at the Queen City Potter Party Hogwarts Homecoming Celebration. The Queen City Fire Circus shall be performing on both Friday and Saturday night. The Flaming Arena will be located directly behind Gringotts (Suntrust Bank).

Take on the task of Horcrux Hunting when you download Traipse, an app that will help you find them all. We must destroy He Who Shall Not Be Named! Two levels are available: Muggle and Potter Prefects.

*Activities and events are still being added throughout the weekend. 

The Details


Appropriate for all ages, no admission fee required. Some activities will require a small participation fee.

Times and locations for activities will be available at the official Queen City Mischief & Magic website and will be published in the QCMM Map which will be available electronically as well as in print in numerous locations throughout the weekend.