Queen City Fire Circus Lights Up Staunton

Queen City Fire CircusStaunton, Virginia proudly hosts thousands of artists in our city, both as residents and business owners. However, none light up the city as brightly as the Queen City Fire Circus performers. Formed about four years ago, the fire circus consists of a group of local performers who spin, throw, and swallow fire in their exciting performances throughout the city of Staunton.

Frequently performing in our famous downtown Wharf District parking lot, the Queen City Fire Circus delights audiences who gather around the lot to watch this well-known local spectacle. After lighting various objects aflame, they twirl and spin their way through the captive imaginations of the audience. Each performance varies a bit, and you can usually see them performing with a variety of flaming objects, including hula hoops and nun-chucks.

Performances combine elements of dance, acrobatics, and theatre and the performers themselves hail from a variety of backgrounds. With experience that ranges from color guard to marital arts experts, the Queen City Fire Circus Performers each bring a different flair to the their individual performances.

Staunton’s fire spinners have become a popular staple at our monthly downtown Fourth Friday Night vibes, evenings where performers roam the streets of downtown Staunton while businesses host special savings offers and events. In addition, you can frequently catch the Queen City Fire Circus performing at some of Staunton’s popular street fairs. They always bring an element of surprise and wonder to every performance!

Article written and photographed by Allison Profeta of Staunton Insider

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