Staunton Music Festival – 20 Years Strong

Now in its 20th anniversary season, the festival–known in the community as “SMF”–boasts not only an incredible range of classical and contemporary repertoire, but also a diverse lineup of performers from all over the world.

SMF, begun in the late ’90s by Artistic Director Carsten Schmidt as a weekend of music among friends, has risen above its humble beginnings to become one of the region’s most innovative and accomplished chamber music organizations. Although SMF presents recognizable classic works such as Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (which will be played this year during the finale), contemporary pieces by visionaries such as Eugene Kurtz and composer-in-residence Moritz Eggert are also at the forefront of the festival.

“There are some festivals where it’s just contemporary music, or it’s just baroque, or it’s just strings. But when you come to a Staunton performance, you get a little bit of everything,” violist Katie Overfield-Zook said of SMF during a recent interview.

The innovative programming brings audience members from all over the country and performances continue through Sunday, August 20. For more information, visit www.stauntonmusicfestival.com.