Staunton’s Fall Foliage Report:  Weekend of October 11-13

Staunton’s Fall Foliage Report: Weekend of October 11-13

Staunton Area

Staunton is finally seeing some seasonal weather this week! Though the highs later in the week are still predicted to be in the 70s, nights dipping into the 40s should bring us some color. Overall, the foliage is still green, but according to Smoky Mountain National Park’s Fall Foliage Prediction Map, we should be seeing “partial” color coverage this weekend. Look for the leaves to peak on the weekends of the 19th and 26th. Check here every week for our updated fall foliage report.

The Mountains

Make sure you get out to hike this weekend. You’ll notice that even the trees at higher elevations are still very green, but The Virginia Department of Forestry suggests that the green will soon be changing to yellow as limited daylight shuts down chlorophyll production. Though all deciduous trees change color and drop their leaves, the intensity of the show is varied from year to year and “this summer’s drought will probably cause a shorter and duller viewing season.”