Staunton’s Fall Foliage Report: weekend of October 25-27

Staunton Area

You won’t need to look hard to see autumnal colors this weekend as you move around Staunton. Though our fall foliage display isn’t quite as vibrant as in years past, it’s starting to really feel like fall, and you should scout some backgrounds for your seasonal photos. 

Visit Gypsy Hill Park, Montgomery Hall Park, Woodrow Park, Betsy Bell and Mary Gray Wilderness Area, and Thornrose Cemetery for some of the loveliest views in town. Check here every week for our updated fall foliage report.

Beyond Staunton

The colors continue to march on outside city limits. Expect to see yellows and reds from maples, though the drought has impacted the brightness of the yellows. Look also for red displays from sumac and, surprisingly, poison ivy vines, which add festive garlands to tree trunks. The Virginia Department of Forestry estimates that 50 percent of the trees at higher elevations have changed. Check out the views along the Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and from the top of Shenandoah Mountain to the west.