Staunton’s Fall Foliage Report: weekend of October 6-8

Staunton area

It might be October, but Virginia weather is still mostly hot and dry, and we’re not seeing any dramatic changes in the leaves yet. There’s some browning and yellowing with flashes or orange. Some trees are simply dropping their leaves. Longer and cooler nights will signal upcoming changes, but the drought conditions we’ve been experiencing (September was one of the driest on record) might put a damper on this year’s display. The Virginia Department of Forestry suggests looking to black gum, dogwood, and sumacs for the most color this week.

The Mountains

Virginia’s autumn color display tends to begin in the mountains and in the western part of the state. As October progresses, the leaf colors will move eastward and we’ll see more activity at lower elevations. The Virginia Department of Forestry predicts that the best colors will be seen on “October 10-20 in the mountains, October 15-25 in central Virginia and October 20-31 in eastern Virginia.” Check here every week for our updated fall foliage report.