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Art Hive Grand Opening

This event is no longer available.

We’re officially opening the doors to our creative reuse and community arts center & we want you to be part of our celebration! Come & explore our wide range of items & opportunities – and enjoy some MAGICAL* surprises! Highlights of the event include:
CREATE a piece for our Collaborative Art Project.
GLITTER BEE!! Be adorned with Henna and Glitter Tattoos by the popular & amazing local artist GlitterBee.
FREE Reiki Healing provided by Gerry Stowers’ Meditation in Motion students.
SILENT AUCTION of Elizabeth Wislar’s stunning mythological artwork “Finding Medusa’s Head” – made entirely of repurposed materials.
RUNE READINGS Intuitive insights from your subconscious using the Runes, guided by Lisa Jacenich.
TAROT- Jim Jacenich assists an intuitive self inquiry – Find your answers in the symbols of this original deck featuring the images of Staunton!! Appointments required, at
TOURS of Classroom and Members Equipment Area.
GOURMET chef-created finger foods and refreshments – because indulging in creativity requires sustenance from a culinary artist.
Complimentary reusable bag with $10 purchase.
Located just ½ block from Gypsy Hill Duck Pond, Art Hive is providing FREE DUCK FOOD until supplies run out.

*magical in the “this is enchanting” and “ooo door prize!” and “omg are those UNICORNS?” sense. Also, no, they aren’t unicorns. You might need glasses.

Art Hive Creative Reuse and Art Center
835 Spring Hill Rd
Staunton, 24401

Aug 5, 2023
11:00 am - 05:00 pm

Visit Website

(540) 218-5321

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