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Six Staunton Coffee Spots You Must Visit Now

Local coffee shops are hubs for college students, professionals passing through on their way to the next meeting, freelancers working on their own terms, and retirees shooting the breeze over their favorite cuppa. Who doesn’t want to spend time in a coffee shop?

In fact, we’d go so far as to say the sign of a great town is having an excellent coffee shop or two. You know the places. They smell great, have coveted window seats, and offer top-notch, near-perfect coffee. We’re proud to have six just like that in Staunton. Come sit and sip awhile.

crucible coffee Roasters | 300 church street, suite 201

Meet the newest addition in town: Crucible Coffee Roasters. Born out of friendship, a love for coffee and a dedication to the craft, co-founders Brandon and Kean opened the doors to Crucible Coffee in October and it is already making headlines. Sourcing their coffee from Ethopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil, among other places, the menu includes drip coffee, pour-over coffee, espresso drinks, along with certified organic teas by Hugo. Adjacent to the cafe is a 12-kilogram roaster where customers can watch (and smell) the process unfold. Freshly roasted beans and goodies by Paris Cake Company are available for purchase.

The By & By | 140 E. Beverley Street

Remember the college students we mentioned? The By & By is their primary hang-out in Staunton, and that’s alright with us. Fancy lattes served with fresh Newtown Bakery pastries are just what sleepy eyes need on a fast paced morning in the Queen City.

The By & By is a great locale for people watching, and you never know who might pop through the door. Actors from the American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse enjoy coffees, teas, and smoothies, too. Some folks don’t like to pass through as much as they like to stay and “sit a spell.” Knitters, painters, and readers make themselves at home in one of the sweetest places in Staunton. You’re invited to do the same.

Réunion Bakery & Espresso | 26 S. New Street

Greeting those entering the city by way of the World’s Largest Watering Can on Route 250 is Réunion. Just up from the corner of Johnson and New Streets, this charming spot is the perfect gathering place for family and friends. With ample seating in this meticulously designed dining room, enjoy an espresso and French-inspired pastry. Fresh baked goodness wafts into the dining room making it hard to resist a chocolate crossiant, gallette or macaroon.

Blue Mountain Coffees | 12 Byers Street

In a great little pedestrian area of Staunton, the aroma from Blue Mountain fills the air and lures passersby in. Locally roasted coffee is always dripping and the offerings change daily. It’s great place to tuck away and put your nose to the grind if you’re working. Also a great place to duck in after your farmers’ market perusing on Saturday mornings. When the weather is wonderful, however, you may have to arm wrestle to get one of the patio seats. It’s the perfect place for people watching and enjoying a nice breeze.

Cranberry’s Grocery & eatery | 7 S. New Street

Locally roasted organic coffee beans deliver one of the best cups of coffee in Staunton, and you can get such a cup at Cranberry’s. “Lester’s Best” is so well known that the shop ships it. Enjoy it in-house in a big mug with a free refill or take it to go and wish you had more. Choice is yours. Choose wisely.

The Queen Bean | 2201 N Augusta Street

At long last, Staunton has a drive-thru coffee spot. And we aren’t talking about Starbucks. The Queen Bean has been making motorists happy since its opening in May. The Queen Bean’s location, on North Augusta Street, is ideal for anyone traveling to or from the city with hours from 6:30 am to 5 pm. In addition to their unique coffee concoctions, they are serving up fresh baked goodies from Paris Cake Company.

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